About the Founder

Hi, I am Mary Mellino, the Founder and Chief Discovery Officer at RiseMynd. I am on a mission to catalyze change by energizing organizations to discover and seize opportunities that will not only enable breakthrough business performance but tremendous societal impact as well. Bringing over twenty years of professional experience to the role my experience spans strategy & operations, risk management and the product management disciplines both within the technology and consulting sectors. I believe the “job-to-be-done” for this generation of business leaders is to use emerging technology and innovation techniques to elevate human capital while simultaneously optimizing businesses at unprecedented levels.

Dream big.

Research & development focus

  • Storytelling and experimentation as an accelerator of human and organizational change
  • Platform product management and solution design
  • Human capital optimization enabled via new divisions of labor and emerging technology
  • Application of technology and innovative systems design to monetize unpaid labor

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