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Exponential Outcomes

Providing fractional growth and innovation leadership to start-ups and enterprises so they can achieve 10x outcomes with less risk, cost, and time.

Doing what hasn’t been done before is difficult.

The pace of change is disorienting. Yet, the opportunity to achieve breakthrough outcomes — through AI, new work systems, and other innovation techniques — is unprecedented and a non-negotiable for avoiding market disruption and scaling fast.

We are in the messy middle of a massive paradigm shift….

  • From old ways of thinking and working to new ways
  • From an era of linear growth to exponential
  • From being best-in-class at executing, adhering to outdated operating principles and mindsets to best-in-class at learning, discovering, and seizing the next opportunity
  • From solving a known problem with a known solution to stepping back to determine what problem to solve in the first place

Every organization on the planet needs a CATALYZER, a CO-PILOT, a BRIDGE BUILDER between the future and present with the right tools, thinking power and fresh perspective.

It is the missing link – SECRET WEAPON.

Hi, I’m Mary Mellino.

Chief Discovery Officer…Chief Growth Officer…Chief Innovation Officer…no matter what you call me, my role is multifaceted.

Start-ups and enterprises work with me to learn, discover, and seize new opportunities, like activating AI and new work systems, finding product market fit for the tech, and delivering 10x impact on business productivity and performance.

Regardless of my job title, I’ve pioneered new approaches and solutions throughout my career. I delivered on my day job and was a serial intrapreneur, identifying gaps or unmet needs and building solutions to fill those holes, enabling the company to run better or seize new opportunities.

Then, in 2017, I was charged with incubating a highly-disruptive AI-enabled predictive analytics technology and have not been able to “unsee” the future ever since. Thus began my pivot away from a nearly two decade career in the technology and consulting sectors (EY, GE Digital, Sapientrazorfish, Hyland) to innovation and entrepreneurship — in other words, building what is next.

While my primary focus is activating AI and new work systems, I customize my role to each client’s needs. I look at the business as if it were my own to identify and pursue both areas of friction and missed opportunity.

My superpowers include transforming vague, visionary opportunities into actionable workstreams and my ability to understand business context rapidly and connect the dots – architecting the best way forward to achieve better outcomes faster.

Who we partner with

A global transformation ecosystem of more than 20,000+ investors, coaches, consultants and innovation specialists helping organizations, institutions and people unlock abundance to change the world. The ecosystem aligns with Salim Ismail’s Exponential Organizations framework.

Open Assembly hosts the conversations, community and learning that help culture and business transition to the future of work. Founded in partnership with the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard University.

Pioneering the future of GenAI-powered Conversational AI, Bast AI enables organizations to make their data conversational, delivering accurate, trustworthy knowledge that can be hyperpersonalized to any context.

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