We energize organizations
to discover and seize breakthrough outcomes.

In the 4th industrial revolution era, the degree of change and possibility can be disorienting. Through fractional leadership and the application of a human-centered, business design lens, RiseMynd works with organizations to identify low risk, high ROI paths to achieve breakthrough growth on key performance indicators and, more critically, avoid disruption.

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What We Do

Organizations, whether a small business or large enterprise, know they need to adapt, but they do not know how. Market and technology shifts are happening at a faster rate than what organizations can process and react to. Opportunities that do exist are uncertain, highly complex and come with limited guidance.

Through an approach centered on empathy and need-finding; prototyping and experimentation; and business strategy, we position organizations to seize not just linear but exponential outcomes by addressing three key needs:

What are some pragmatic steps my organization can take to adapt to these dramatic market shifts?

How might we systematically test business and product ideas?

How might we speed up market adoption of disruptive solutions at scale?

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